Collaboration is the key to finding the best 2-party street-turn matches with our patent-pending Software as a Service (SaaS). Our proprietary software matches import containers and export bookings inland to minimize km/miles driven, increases container efficiency, reduces costs and emissions.

MatchMarketplace includes all of MatchBack Systems collaborative optimization solutions. The most valuable multi-party matchbacks are systematic. We also provide a portal for subscribers to find matchbacks that meet your daily needs. The MatchBack System platform automates, prioritizes, and provides guidance among MatchBack System subscribers that match your parameters.

We offer three unique options to address your specific business needs:

  1. Multi-party, systematic matchbacks - We mine the data to predict high value, high-frequency matchbacks and help you plan and automate the systematic matchbacks that make the most sense for your business.  
  2. 2-party, ad hoc matchbacks - We use big data analytics to help you discover matchbacks that meet your current need. 
  3. Aggregator marketplace - We provide you with scalable solutions for aggregators to engage service providers to satisfy your demand for drayage capacity.

With all 2-party matchbacks, you're in control of your own data and any decisions to move forward with matchbacks discovered through the match process.

MatchMarketplace includes our MatchMetrics service. We provide reports, scorecards and dashboards to monitor performance along with cost and emission savings. 

Find and execute street-turns collaboratively with partners on our neutral platform. 
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