MatchBack Systems Market Updates & Analysis 

We closely monitor supply chain trends and challenges that impact the street-turn ecosystem.
Here we provide our updates and analysis of market conditions affecting international and domestic container flows.




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10/13/2020 - Domestic Street-Turn Container Supply
Below is a breakdown of domestic container supply for street-turns by location and size.  This useful data is provided by one of our customers. 
(Gain access to this customer's container supply and demand by whitelisting with them on the MatchBack Systems portal. For more detail contact: )

8/12/2020 - MatchBack Systems Import and Export Indexes​
FINALLY. The import volume that has been rumored is now on the books and, for the first time in 2020, import volume will be above 2019! We look for this trend to continue through the next 4-6 weeks. 

Export volume is forecast below 2019 in the next few weeks before rebounding in Week 36. 

7/29/2020 - MatchBack Systems Import and Export Indexes​
Our Export forecast continues to hold its own in the inland maritime market, albeit a little behind 2019.   Imports have been much harder for us to read as we haven’t seen the expected uptick and continue to forecast much lower volumes than 2019. 

7/13/2020 - MatchBack Systems Volume Forecasts 

Our analysis shows that strong Export volume through week 31 will continue to stress container supply when coupled with lagging imports in the next few weeks. 

6/26/2020 - MatchBack Systems Import and Export Indexes
The MatchBack Systems forecast continues to fall versus 2019 volumes as we move past this week.   This is as soft as we’ve seen Exports forecasted since the Lunar New Year versus last year and Imports continue to lag 2019 by almost 50 points in our index (100 = 1/1/2019).    

6/17/2020 - MatchBack Systems Volume Forecasts 
Anecdotally, we hear about a pick-up in imports.  Unfortunately it hasn’t translated into additional imports on the books yet for our customers.  We have imports continuing to fall through week 26 in our volume forecast.  Exports track a little behind last year as they take a slight seasonal dip as well.    

6/5/2020 - MatchBack Systems Import and Export Indexes
Have we hit the bottom? The near term forecast shows imports flattening out after plummeting to yearly lows.  Exports continue to hold their position close to 2019 levels.
Even as volumes may come close to last year, the fluidity is not normal and all global marine container flows have been disrupted.  The economic downturn has carriers reacting to constantly changing BCO supply and demand requests, creating challenges for capacity and equipment management.  It’s also contract season with new importers, exporters, truckers and even customer nominated truckers that all impact the container network. 
6/1/2020 - Street-Turns are the "Last Frontier" for Reducing Costs
Amid the supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic, reducing inefficiency and costs were high on the agenda at the AgTC Annual Meeting. Several speakers called out street-turns as a means to reduce both. 
Ken Kellaway, CEO of RoadOne, said that as other costs have been taken out of the supply chain, street-turns are the last frontier for reducing costs. He emphasized that 40% of truckers' miles are empty. "Continued inefficiency and increased cost of street-turning international equipment" needs a solution, said Kellaway.
Michael Symonanis, speaking for the American Cotton Shippers Association, said that ACSA will work with other organizations to oppose carrier implementation of street-turn charges for the use of import ocean containers for export loads. He described the charges as an "export efficiency tax" on merchants and their truckers that will increase costs, despite the cost and effectiveness benefits for ocean carriers and overall export supply chain velocity. 
Peter Schneider of T.G.S Transportation agreed with others who highlighted the challenge of street-turn fees. He said there is an urgent need for high level "stakeholder collaboration with an IT emphasis". 


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10/16/2020 - MatchBack Systems Gateway Analysis

 Our heat map illustrates the import impact on U.S. gateways.  The yellow areas show fewer import containers YoY.  The green areas note markets that have gained.  The larger the dot, the bigger the absolute impact.


10/16/2020 - MatchBack Systems Import Index

Weekly import volume indexed on January 2019 across a common basket of MatchBack Systems' ocean carrier, 3PL and port trucking customers.  

10/16/2020 - MatchBack Systems Export Index

Weekly export volume indexed on January 2019 across a basket of MatchBack Systems' customers in the ocean carrier, trucker and 3PL arena.