Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q:  Who is MatchBack Systems, Inc.?

          A:  MatchBack Systems, Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company with an innovative approach to street-turn (matchback) containers.  The Company has designed a unique optimization technology to automate the street-turn process on a neutral, collaborative portal for shippers, steamship lines, truckers, freight forwarders and other supply chain participants who are interested and motivated to street-turn containers.

  1. Q:  What services does MatchBack Systems offer?

          A: MatchAdvisorTM is a common platform to automate matchbacks across a company and/or ecosystem; MatchDensityTM is a two-party matchback with automated guidance and an online handshake. 

  1. Q: What is a street-turn (matchback)?

          A: A street-turn or matchback occurs when you match import containers and export bookings inland to minimize the km/miles driven; increase container utilization; reduce costs and emissions.

  2. Q:  Who are MatchBack Systems’ target customers?

          A:  Truckers, shippers, freight forwarders, steamship lines, Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs), aggregators and any other party motivated to street-turn and optimize international and domestic containers.

  3. Q:  How is your service different from services that exist today?

          A:  The MatchBack Systems' solution:
    ​           - automates the street-turn process
               - provides planners optimal match guidance
               - contains intelligence for container supply and demand
               - engages the customers' ecosystem
           all on a common platform to lower overall supply chain costs, improve planner efficiency and reduce emissions.

  4. Q:  Who do I contact for more information or to be put on list to receive information?

          A:  Contact us via email.