Logos Usage Guidelines

It is important to MatchBack Systems, Inc. (“MatchBack Systems”) to maintain the consistent use of our logo. After receiving permission to use the MatchBack Systems’ logo, but before using the logo for any purpose, please read and follow the following guidelines:

  1. Do not apply any graphic effects to the entirety of the logo, or any individual elements of the logo, such as drop shadows, screens, lighting effects, alternative colors, etc.
  2. Do not alter the spatial relationship of the logo. That is, do not move any of the elements of the logo in their relation to one another.
  3. Do not alter the size of any element of the logo with respect to the overall graphic. The logo itself may be sized proportionately as needed in its entirety.
  4. Do not utilize any subset of elements of the logo individually. The logo can only be used as is, in its entirety.

Logos for Print and Online Usage

The following logos are made available for usage in print and online media. When using these logos, we request that you notify us concerning its use and attribute it to us appropriately. If for some reason none of the images below are suitable for your use, you may notify us at this email and request an alternative image. We will provide an alternative image that meets your specifications.

Logo files (EPS format, JPG format)