MatchConnector offers a private network for trusted partners.  A lack of visibility and collaboration means missed opportunities to improve network fluidity.  This solution enables supply chain parties to pool inventories by connecting on a private platform.  Match supply with demand with your peers to effectively utilize equipment and capacity.

MatchConnector is a secure, neutral portal to plan and communicate dual transactions at a port or request help with inland moves.  Participants collaborate within their private network where they can offer and request containers, loads and power with trusted partners.  The configured application fits the business needs of each party, which can include connection to your TMS.  Our system streamlines workflow between partners and provides a record of executed matches.

MatchConnector is focused on port activity with major benefits for the drayage community and port operations.   Trucking companies have more visibility to equipment and freight to support dual transactions and eliminate per diems.   Collaboration with your peers results in joint efficiency gains and cost savings.

Pool your inventories with MatchConnector to improve productivity, minimize charges, and increase revenue while achieving greater container velocity and relief from congestion.

MatchConnector includes our MatchMetrics service. We provide reports, scorecards and dashboards to monitor performance along with cost and emission savings 

Collaborate with trusted partners to pool opportunities.  

Create your private network today.

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